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Our Sample probes come in various options.                                                                                                    

  • Simple Sample Probe in SS / Inconel / PTFE
  • Sample Probe in SS / PTFE with a Filter at the tip of the probe
  • Sample Probe with Heated Filter Element
  • Sample Probe with Heated Filter Element and Blowback
  • Retractable Sample Probe
  • Sample Probe with Aspirator

Our Intelligent Probes Systems comes with dual probe with auto switching and auto blowback feature. They can control 3 Heat tracers. They can communicate with remotely with Sample Panel.



When your Sample gas contains condensable liquid you can use our catchpots to collect it. Our Catchpots can be fully SS316 / Monel / Hastelloy or with Glass for viewing the condensate.



If you want to remove the water soluble components from your sample which is at positive pressure you can pass your sample gas through bubblers which contain water. Our Bubblers can withstand acidic sample and have provision for top-up and drain port The Bubblers are available in Engineering plastics and SS316. Even the Bubblers which are made in Engineering Plastics can withstand 7 bar pressure.


This is an added unit to our Catchpot and is used where the sample is in negative pressure and a pump is used to draw the sample. In such Sampling system it might so happen that the pump might suck the condensate which has been collected in the catchpot. The Safety Drain Traps ensure that even if the suction pressure is high the water never leaves the catchpot.



When your sample is at negative pressure and contains heavy Dirt and water soluble corrosive components you can use our Wash Water Separators which can be used to draw the Sample from the process and wash it This avoids the use of Sample Pump.